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About Artist


    Always a love for nature, landscapes and wildlife, florals and pets, Linda L.
Hodge has stayed true to that no matter where she traveled throughout the
United States. Most of her paintings are from different locations she has
visited. If you ask Linda how long it takes do a painting, she doesn’t keep
track of time. So to put it into perspective she might answer by telling you,
“Over thirty years”. That’s how long Linda has been painting and working
on improving and adding what she learns along the way.

    When Linda starts a painting, she usually sketches it out then thinks about
creating the colors and atmosphere, moods, light and so on. Linda says “it’s
never complete in my mind before starting. A lot of my painting come
together as I am painting. I feel I am guided through by God”. After all it is
his creation that I am painting.

    She has been an animal portrait artist capturing the personality and soul of
the pet of those that have commissioned her. Linda feels the eyes are so
important to get right in the painting as well as their body structure.

    Through the eyes one can see the personality and love from that

    Her life growing up on a farm and also and Equine judge for many years
have developed a better eye for the animals conformation. Linda is now
focusing on her desire to paint wildlife and landscapes. Artists paint to
capture different things that we see that touches our hearts.

    “I want to share those wonderful experiences that have touched
my heart with others with hope that my paintings will be lasting
memories of this wonderful planet we live on for years to come.”

Linda started working in Acrylics, oils and watercolor with several
wonderfully talented teachers around the country and learned a variety of
techniques. Then she continued to paint and explore on her own and
developed her own style. Linda chooses to now work mostly with acrylics
and watercolor.

    She really enjoys working in acrylics because she can paint as though it
looks like oil or watercolor depending on the techniques she uses. After the
varnish is applied on an acrylic piece, the colors become more brilliant and

the collector can choose to frame with or without glass or even without a

    Watercolor is also favored by many people because of the soft look it gives.
It’s a whole different technique that she also enjoys doing, sometimes part of
the painting creates itself which is fun to work with.
So it’s just a matter of choice. Linda says, “Buy the painting that speaks
to you, that makes you happy, and that you will enjoy looking at
everyday on your wall. That’s what really makes it worth

My goal is to share the beauty in nature to others who admire it as well.

Welcome to my art world!

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